Calm Mind Behavioral Health Counseling

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Committed to Helping People

As the founder of this practice, I have guided many people through the process of facing and addressing life's challenges. My goal is to help you identify what shapes you, your emotional patterns and to help you live by the values that are meaningful to you. With the right tools, I promise that you will have a better outlook on any problems that life brings your way.

My background

I believe that the relationship you have with your therapist is the most important factor in determining how successful therapy will be for you.

It is so important that you feel comfortable with your therapist. In my private practice, I work mostly with adults and specialized in anxiety, addictive behaviors, depression, personality disorders, severe mental illness, major life changes, low self-esteem, relationship dysfunction, career and professional issues, and emerging adult/adult identity development. issues.

I have been providing counseling services for many years and I am very happy to say that I am able to offer a unique insight into how people work. My experience both as an adult and therapist means that I can offer a mature perspective on life's struggles.

I received my Masters of Professional Counseling from Liberty University. I am trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change, and Motivational Interviewing. I use an integrative approach, meaning that I will use a combination of therapeutic techniques depending on what you need. Because everyone is different!

In my professional career, I’ve done a lot of different things besides being a Therapist. as a therapist I have worked in inpatient substance abuse settings, prisons, schools, community centers, homeless shelters, and nonprofits.

Most recently, as Clinical Director, I managed a substance use rehabilitation facility where I oversaw several large programs totaling over $10 million in annual revenue. I trained and supervised several clinical staff members. My responsibilities included managing programs and counseling, mental health care, and community outreach activities.

Why you should choose me as your therapist

I'm not just a friendly ear and sounding board, but rather someone who helps you change things like negative thought patterns, problematic behaviors, and maladaptive coping skills. I will work with you to recognize these issues and develop techniques for helping them. I understand that therapy can be difficult, but I also know there is a way out of your struggles. No one blames you for the difficulties you've had to face and I want to help make it easier for you from here on out. I'm not just a friend who will help you cope with your emotions at the time - I'll help you to create better, healthier ways of dealing with scenarios that have been difficult for you.